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Hello, from your future wedding planner!

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We are so happy for you and your fiancé to be on this new journey! This is a special time of love, fun, and lots of preparations. We would love to connect with you and help your engagement be a season to springboard your marriage into something divinely beautiful. 



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We are heart-forward!

Our approach is to see weddings as more than a great party. For us, it is the beautiful spark at the beginning of your marriage. We use your wedding day and all the time we spend together before-hand to invest into your marriage. We are committed to putting the meaning of your relationship and the God who brought you together into every detail of your big day. In doing so, we hope to foster a marriage centered around a covenant love, that will lead you into a life overflowing in abundance.   

Sound like the planner you are looking for? Perfect! Get in touch with us and let's make some magic!

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Houston, Texas

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